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Session 12

Session 12 / Symposium / 13:15 - 14:45 Uhr

127: Job demands, challenges and well-being in the teaching profession: Correlates and predictors

Larissa Trösch (Chair)

Helen Watt (Diskutantin)

To be confident in teachers' professional training: the predictive role of engagement and burnout

Caterina Fiorilli, Ylenia Passiatore, Ilaria Buonomo, Luciano Romano, Michela Milioni

Job demands and job resources as predictors of teacher well-being, engagement and motivation to leave the teaching profession

Einar Skaalvik, Sidsel Skaalvik

Social resources and early career challenges in second career teachers: A qualitative study

Dilan Aksoy, Catherine Bauer, Larissa Troesch

Raum: 5.3H12